Google Drive Upload

Google drive upload is a collection of shell scripts runnable on all POSIX compatible shells ( sh / ksh / dash / bash / zsh / etc ).

It utilizes google drive api v3 and google OAuth2.0 to generate access tokens and to authorize application for uploading files/folders to your google drive.

  • Minimal
  • Upload or Update files/folders
  • Recursive folder uploading
  • Sync your folders
  • Sync with overwrite or skip existing files support.
  • Resume Interrupted Uploads
  • Share files/folders to anyone or a specific email.
  • Config file support
  • Easy to use on multiple operating system.
  • Support for multiple accounts in a single config.
  • Latest gdrive api used i.e v3
  • Pretty logging
  • Easy to install and update
    • Self update
    • Auto update
    • Can be per-user and invoked per-shell, hence no root access required or global install with root access.
  • An additional sync script for background synchronisation jobs. Read Synchronisation section for more info.